Wayne Cardinalli

Almost all of my work originates on the potter's wheel. Many of the pieces I make are staunchly functional, but at times I depart from this to create pieces with more sculptural concern. However, there is not a clear line separating the two; rather, there is always an element of each on both.

Regardless of the functional or sculptural intent of the work, the elements that remain constant are an exploration of direct gestural distortions of the freshly-thrown form, and a subtle painterly approach to the glaze surface.

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  • Karen Bird

    on November 22, 2013

    Hi Wayne just sitting here with my friends Scott and Cathy Fletcher eating off your plates in North Bay they were surprised to see your work in the north after just seeing you at class in Dundas. You may have forgotten but you made me a set of dishes in the seventies when you lived in Holloway I am Nancy Ouderkirk sister. I always regretted not buying your dragon tea pot. Karen